Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why I am here : My Cricut learning...

Well, Hello !
I am here to blog all about all my Cricut Projects.
I have had the Cricut for quite some time but never used it. I know "Silly me" :)

Well, I got the Gypsy so i have been Cricut-ting my heart out. Love it !
I finally want to cricut like an expert and make lots of scrapbook pages.

But i am still discovering my cartridges and it can be a little overwhelming so as to say the least, there are just too many things one can do with 1 catridge.
So to learn using them efficiently, I decided to make cards, never really been good at it, but there are so many projects available to do on You-tube its amazing. :)

My goal right-now is to do 4 cards using each cartridges i have (and i have quite a few. lol. i am a hoarder when it comes to scrapping supplies.). :). hopefully it should help me get familiar with the cartridges and ultimately help me in my scrapping.

Follow me and do my projects - may be it might help some u out there. or maybe they might inspire u :).

to do my projects : u will need a Cricut machine, the cartridge i am using in the project and maybe a Cuttlebug and other scrapping supplies (eg. glue, scissors, bone-folder, foam tape, glitter etc.)

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